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January 18, 2012

Scottish novelist D.D. Johnston writes books that are “Funny as all Hell” (The Sunday Herald), “determinedly extraordinary” (The Morning Star) and “unputtable-downable” (Northern Soul). His novels are characterised by their ambition, variety, and invention, but the consistent theme is his love for ordinary people, and his faith in the extraordinary things we can achieve together. He lives in Cheltenham, England, where he cares for his infant son.


Peace, Love, & Petrol Bombs featured in The Sunday Herald’s Books of the Year for 2011. Popmatters wrote, “this genial, engaging, yet serious search for meaning in a commodified global culture deserves wide acclaim” (John L. Murphy). It’s available as an audio book (, and is published in Spanish as Paz, amor y cócteles molotov (Hoja de Lata, 2013; translated by Raquel Duato García).

The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub (Barbican Press) was a 2013 book of the year in The Morning Star, where it was described as “determinedly extraordinary”.

The Secret Baby Room, a page-turning mystery suspense thriller, was a 2015 book of the year in Northern Soul, where it was described as:

the unputtable-downable type of book, the one where you are loathe to finish, loathe to leave those characters behind, disappointed that reaching the last page means you have to leave their world and go back to your own.

He also writes a wee bit of short fiction. ‘The Invitation’ – available online here – was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize.

His fourth novel, Disnaeland, is coming out in summer 2022.

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