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June 30, 2022

My new novel, Disnaeland, is out July 2022. It’s a belter!
Give it a read! Amazon | Waterstones | The Book Depository | Or from your local bookstore

Bringing light to a dark world is no mean feat, but the characters in the novel do just that, and so does the author. From the cunning pun of its title onward, Disnaeland is a scabrous treat.

– The Financial Times

Here’s a wee Q&A:

Advance praise for Disnaeland:

“Unlike most dystopian fiction, this is a uniquely hopeful and uplifting novel. DD Johnston finds hope in the human capacity for love and renewal even after the apocalyptic collapse in the bleakest of places. He shows how the breakdown of one society can open the way for a better one to emerge. An awesome achievement.”

– Rob Newman

A funny, grimy, edgy Scots take, containing passages of dark brilliance, on the collapse of late capitalist society.”

James Robertson

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